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A committment to improving the quality of pets lives and their interactions with owners.

We Put Your Pet First

We’re passionate about our own pets and all things furry, slimy, scaly and feathered.

We provide a huge selection of products and hard to find brands, to satisfy your every need.

We have solutions for every pet imaginable, if not, we help you solve it and find it … fast.

We take pride in our outstanding customer care, in-store services and product knowledge.

We pledge to save you money, give great advice and reduce stress.

Oh Yeah, We Have A Massive Store With Over 6,000 Items In Stock!

We have taken our dog to get groomed here since the store opened. Our dog pulls me into the store to see the welcoming staff who will love your animal like it's their own. The groomers have been kind and gentle with our dog and have always given him the cut we've asked for. We wouldn't go anywhere else.

Susan Schuster Moynahan

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Jim Smith Owner

james smith maine pet supply owner

I am passionate about the emotional bond between pet and owners! Maine Pet Supply in Elliot, ME feeds that connection and provides a place where love, nurturing and health are harvested.

Phish, Crosby Stills Nash & Young and Wild Feathers are the sounds I groove to. When I need a break, Bermuda is peace for my soul.

Carol Ann Terceira Owner

carol ann terceira maine pet supply owner

Carol is a Bermudian who met Jim in college at UNH. Decades later they happily reconnected and MPS was born! Carol also operates a highly successful pet, feed and aquarium store with her two sisters in Bermuda. She is an avid aquarist whose house is rife with aquariums. She has shared her life with many special animals but most notably her Moluccan Cockatoo Puff, her Great Pyrenes Sampson and her Bichon rescue Saxa. Carol’s BSc in Biology (MTSU) and her continuing studies in fish sciences have helped her in providing solutions for customers and their own special pets.

Jessica TerceiraStaff

jessica terceira maine pet supply

Jessica joined the MPS team just prior to opening in 2015. As a member of the Terceira clan, and Carol’s niece, she has spent a great deal of her young life in pet stores both in Bermuda and in her home state of Tennessee. Jessica has worked hard to become our pet nutrition guru, as well as being familiar with all types of aquatic species, and reptiles. She is now our Floor Manager, and is a welcome sight to customers who have pet issues they need help solving.

Amanda Kasbohm Sales Associate

amanda kasbohm maine pet supply

Amanda is a Sales Associate and joined us in November of 2016.

When not delivering excellent customer service to MPS customers, Amanda is a Regional All-American field hockey goalkeeper for USM, where she will graduate this year.
At home, she loves to play with her two English Springer Spaniels Bella (10) and Murphy (6), her rescue cat, Sif…..and an elderly Betta fish named Bubbles. Come on in and say, “Hello”!


laura greener maine pet supply

Laura has been at Maine Pet Supply since December 2015. She and her family have keep a menagerie of animals at her Eliot home for years. Laura frequently volunteers at Cochecho Valley Humane Society in Dover, NH. Laura is a friend to all animals!


susan dutra maine pet supply

Susan has been with MPS since October 2016. She is a lifelong animal lover and has three dogs of her own (soon to be four!). She also has a long history of volunteering with local animal rescues. Susan is a local citizen who raised her three grown kids here in Eliot.

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